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Getting your business or practice onboarded into an ERP system is not the end of the solution but the beginning of constant learning, growth, refinement, and optimization. In the process, you’ll ask questions and encounter problems, but who do you turn to?

BOOST FORUM brings ideas and solutions to you before you know you need them! Join in the community chat or learn something new with one of our industry tracks. Looking to get a deeper understanding of the capabilities of NetSuite? Sky's the limit!

Find all that and more.

Free Monthly Town Hall
- Topics include features and functionality reviews
- SuiteApps and Accelerators

Free Community Chat

NetSuite End Users and Pre-Approved 3rd Party Vendors Only
- Space designed just for NetSuite End Users
- Strict no sales/recruitment policies within the Forum

Learning Center
- Free training on topics like NetSuite basics, Sandbox Essentials, Quality Assurance essentials, etc.
- Paid training that goes in depth on how to do things in NetSuite but why as well

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QA - Going Live Basics
QA - Regression Test
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Next-Level Productivity

Find yourself wondering if there is a better way to do something? We bet you are not alone. That's why we started this Forum, so you don't have to go it alone. Gain ideas from your fellow Forum members and industry experts.

All Tools in the Toolbox

Take control and ensure the alignment of your business and ERP solution with access to industry experts, community members in the same role and industry. Find out how to capitalize on the latest integrations and updates. All your bases are covered. 

Sky's The Limit

In our Forum, you'll find Collections and Spaces that will help you navigate different areas like launching your NetSuite account, learning about platform updates, and using new features. There's something for everyone! What's holding you back? Check it out, see where the journey takes you!

Find out how we helped DL Sales
save over 400 hours with one repricing script

Frequently Asked Questions

> There are different NetSuite Forums, how is this different?

  • This Forum is specifically for NetSuite End Users that want to talk and learn from other NetSuite End Users. We all have something that we can learn or share with each other.

> Who is it for?

  • It is specifically for NetSuite End Users. All End Users regardless of what area of the business that they work in.

> Who is it not for?

  • This Forum is not for NetSuite Partners, Independent NetSuite Consultants or NetSuite employees.

> How do I join the Free Community?

  • Anyone can sign up for Boost Forum but once in, they will be required to fill out a brief survey to validate that they are a NetSuite End User. There will also be questions to help us understand the size of your business, your primary industry and how long you have been using NetSuite.

> How do I join the Limited or Full Access?

  • Once you have completed the Boost Forum survey and validated by our staff, you will be given access to the Community. At that point you will be able to purchase access to other levels as desired. Once you have paid for your subscription, you will have access to your desired content.

> Are there Vendors in the Boost Forum?

  • Yes, we have validated select vendors that provide 3rd party products/services that are beneficial for NetSuite End Users to have access to. They are vendors that we have vetted and ask to commit to a strict Vendor Code of Ethics policy while in the Boost Forum. This includes soliciting or initiating contact within the Forum. At times they will provide content, training, videos, etc. to help educate the Forum Community. They can also respond to any requests that come from the end users in the account.

> Do you provide General Support or Consulting Services in the Boost Forum?

  • No, all of the training, recommendations or events are at a general level and not specific guidance on how to setup or perform in your or any NetSuite account. Although, every NetSuite account is similar, none are exactly the same. We highly recommend that you test any change or recommendation in your NetSuite sandbox account prior to making any changes in your production account.

> How do we get General Support or Consulting Services?

  • We have a product called Boost which is our Managed Application Services. It is a department that specializes in optimizing and leading your through the process of optimizing your NetSuite account. Click here to learn more about Boost!

> Can I join if we are evaluating NetSuite?

  • Yep, absolutely. We can provide temporary access to the Community for a limited time to get a feel for the Community and the product from those that use it every day.

> Once I fill out the Community Validation Survey, what happens next?

  • Our team will review your survey results and once validated that you are NetSuite end user, we will update your account with the appropriate level of access and send you a welcome email. Typical response times are 2 to 3 business days for validation.
Staff Having A Meeting
Staff Having A Meeting
Staff Having A Meeting
Staff Having A Meeting

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